anger management

So this is  point in my life when I feel like I really need some good mental support. I think I am having some anger issues and it is serious to a point that sometimes I feel like my anger, hatred, and stress really consume me. Like right now, I just only want to leave everything behind, flying to a faraway place, doing nothing but relaxing, reading good books, listening to great music, eating fine dining and watching the sunset. But that’s only feeble wishes. Here is the reality: everyday feels like war time and everywhere feels like a battleground. Going to work means to fight with the deadlines, customers, small bosses, big bosses. Going home means more responsibilities, meeting with expectations from your kids, partners, parents, dealing with annoying in-laws (disgusting her in fact), fighting another battle over raising kids, completing household chores, trying to get on day by day with no clear idea as to where the way is leading. Filled with all kinds of negative feelings: desperation, anxiety, jealousy, tiredness, greed, and above all, guilt, I feel just so overwhelmed. I miss my little angle so much, feeling like I am abandoning her, acting like a complete asshole towards her, and hating myself so much for failing to be there for her. Yes, an anger management therapy session would do me a whole lot good right now…


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