Top 30 love quotes


1) Love is one of the most amazing things that happen once in a lifetime. I hope we will fulfill our love wishes together.
2) Every single day I whisper my love wishes to God, and the moment when I see you, I know those wishes finally come true.
3) When I was little, I wrote all of my secret love wishes on a paper so that I can present them to you today.
4) The moment you kissed me, you also fulfilled all of my childhood love wishes and dreams. You are truly the love of my life!
5) When you walked out of my life, I felt like all my world was shattered and all my love wishes turned into desperate cries.
6) To my special one, may all of our love wishes will come true, and may our life together will be full of happiness and joy.
7) Whether our love wishes will come true or not depends on how determined we are to stick together whether it rains or shines.
8) I will never forget the day when I first laid my eyes on you and realize that my love wishes finally come true.
9) True love wishes fill the world with hopes, true love kisses save a thousand souls, and you, my true love, give my life meaning.
10) Even during my darkest days, I still believe in love and made love wishes, which gave me the strength to overcome all challenges.
11) My love wishes come to life in the shape of the most beautiful woman I have ever met who of course is you.
12) Words are most meaningful when they are used to express sincere love wishes that come from the bottom of a lover’s heart.
13) Let’s grow old together, let’s create our list of love wishes together, and let’s make our own world for just you and me.
14) Love wishes should come from heart to heart; otherwise they are just a bunch of lies that are worth nothing.
15) Even if my love wishes will not come true for me, I hope they will still come true for you because I love you.
16) When I said I wished all your love wishes would come true, I secretly hoped that I were also mentioned in your love wishes.
17) I never believe in fairy tales and love wishes. But if they do exist, I hope we can be in the same story.
18) I do the same thing when waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night: silently sending my love wishes to you.
19) There are three most amazing ways words can touch us: prayers to God, poems for dreamers, and love wishes for true lovers.
20) You asked me what my love wishes were, well, I can answer your question in just only one simple word: YOU.
21) In a day, millions of love wishes are said, but I assure you that the most fervent ones come from me wishing for our love.
22) People say we should save the best for last, and that is why I save all my best love wishes until I find you.
23) I promise you that I will do everything in my power to realize our love wishes, our hopes, dreams, and future together.
24) Although actions speak louder than words, love wishes are still highly appreciated. I wish you a lot of love, my sweetheart!
25) No amount of roses or love wishes can ever fully express my love for you. I love you more than anything else in the world.
26) The love that we are sharing now is even more beautiful than the one in my best love wishes. Please be with me forever.
27) I think the angels finally heard my love wishes; therefore they decided to create a nice warm spring day and brought you to me.
28) Perhaps we did not just happen to fall in love because I had made millions of love wishes until you said yes to me.
29) You know you are in love with the right one when the woman you love and the woman in your love wishes is the same.
30) Love is the strongest when comes from the genuine hearts, blessed by sincere love wishes, and spread all over the world by united determinations.