Amazing Vientiane

Amazing Vientien

So I have just got back from amazing Vientiane. This is the first trip abroad ever since I got back to Vietnam so even though it’s just Laos, I felt so excited and free for the first time in months.

Vientiane treated me quite well. The weather was pretty nice during my stay. It rained a little bit in the morning and I was caught in the rain once but it was part of the fun I had. Vientiane is a combination of religious atmosphere with tons of temples and pagodas at every corner and the more modern and Western architectural buildings. Compared to the city where I lived, it is a whole lot more peaceful with fewer people, less hustles and more green space where I can enjoy the fresh air. There are parts of the city that feel so Western that it reminds me of the U.S.

The fun part about travelling is of course meeting new people. During my travel, I felt so blessed to meet with some amazing travelers who stayed with me, talked to me and shared with me their amazing stories. There were some random acts of kindness that I myself witnessed that really touched my heart and made my day, like the stranger who took me on his motorbike in the rain to ride me back to my hotel when I got lost, or the friendly Chinese guy who tagged along with us and kept us company, or some very helpful local people who even helped us to negotiate with a tuk tuk driver. I am grateful to be able to meet them, and they make me believe that in this turbulent mess of life, there are still hopes and kindness spreading around from one human being to another…